The Blogging for Money: Start Your First Money Site

Blogging for Money: Start Your First Money Site.

The Basics Blogging has been around for many years now, but only in recent years have more people begun to realize the profit potential of blogging.  If you are thinking about blogging for money, there a few things to consider before you get started.

Which Blogging Platform is Best?

There is a wide variety of blog platforms to choose from. Two of the most popular platforms are Blogger and WordPress. Among internet marketers, WordPress seems to be the platform of choice. It does not matter which platform you choose; just want to go with the system that you feel most comfortable with.

Which is Better – Free or Paid Blog Hosting?

Many people do not have a lot of extra money when starting their online blogging business. It may seem easiest to start using a free platform. Don’t do it. While it is cheaper to use a free online blogging service, the fact is, by doing it this way you do not own your blog. The terms of service for any of the free blogging platforms can, and do, change. If your profitable blog is suddenly not compliant with the new TOS of your blogging service, your site could be pulled down in an instant. Most of the time, you are not even given the courtesy of a warning or heads up. Granted, this does not occur often, but if you are trying to build a long-term, successful business, using a free blogging service is a risk you do not want to take. Buying a domain name is easy and inexpensive. For $10 a year or less, you can have a personalized domain name that you will own for a minimum of a year. Every year, you will have the option of renewing your domain. Cheap but best Shared Hosting accounts can be found for under $1 in a month. For around $10 every year, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you own your site, and it will not be taken down on someone else’s whim.Blogging for Money

How to make money with a blog?

The big question that new bloggers want to know is “How do I make money starting a blog?” There are many ways to monetize your site. One of the simplest methods of earning income for your blogging is to utilize Google AdSense ads on your site. After you sign up for a free AdSense account, you will be able to place ads on your site. These ad blocks will be relevant to the content on your site. Every time someone clicks on those ads, you earn a small commission. While the revenue from ad clicks is minimal, it is an excellent way to get started because it is so easy to implement. Promoting affiliate products is another popular way to earn money blogging. To make money for affiliate products or services, you will promote the item on your website and provide a link to the product’s sales page. If your visitor clicks on the link and purchases the product, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale. One of the common places to find affiliate products to promote is Blogging for money is a great way for anyone to generate additional income. Do not waste your time on thinking it is a quick or easy way to get rich; it is not. To make money as a blogger, you’ll need to do some hard work and have patience.

The rewards can be perfect for those that stay focused and put in consistent effort.

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