Whom Do You Write For – Targeting Your Audience

Before starting with this topic, I would like to clarify that this post is applicable mainly for those who blog about blogging, blogging tools/software’s, social media, etc. This will not be appropriate for other niches, the especially Technology blog. Right in the beginning, I would like to ask you two questions. First, one is that when you write a post, who do you write it for – your regular readers or the search engines? Secondly, which one would you prefer – more comments and more interaction from your regular readers or more visits from the search engines?

If you are clear about your answer to these two questions, then you have understood the topic, otherwise have a look at this example below.

Whom Do You Write For?

Whom Do You Write For

A post of mine where I shared my ideas (a bit thought-provoking post) gets a lot of page views, comments and interaction from my regular readers in the first two or three days, but then the comments die out, and the page views slowly fade away. Further, it gets little or no visits from the search engines (poor SEO? no Keyword research? I am coming to that later). On the other hand, another old post with little or no interaction is giving me continuous organic traffic and is now way ahead of the other posts regarding page views and visits. So which post would you prefer? I will prefer both.

For Reader Interaction

You may argue that search engine traffic is the best quality traffic, but what about the sense of community on your blog? What about your readers? Don’t you want to interact with them? If you write one post after another about some tools and software without adding any personal touch to it, then where’s the interaction between you and your readers?

For Organic Traffic

On the other hand, there’s no harm in writing posts meant completely for the users. You can still get organic traffic for them by doing good SEO and using right keywords. But . . .
Keyword Research?
As I said above, you can get search engine traffic to your unconventional, thought-provoking posts. But here’s another question for you. Which kind of post will receive more organic traffic –

1. Something about why the relationship is essential for blogging.
2. About SEO plugins for WordPress blog

I agree that the keywords for the second kind have more competition, but again, more and more people will search for the second one rather than the first one. So there’s more chance that you will get more traffic for the second post from the search engines, especially when your authority with Google increases as your blog grows old.

Final Verdict

I have already given my verdict. I will choose and balance both. If I write three posts in a week, then I will write two posts for my readers where I speak out my mind, my ideas, thoughts, something debatable, etc. (i.e., NOT about plugins and tools, NOT about blogging tips, NOT about tricks and hacks). And I will keep one post for the NOTs in the bracket. The first type will give me more quality interaction while the second category will give me more targeted traffic.

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