How To Keep Your Reader’s Attention

How to keep your reader’s attention? Number of visitors, page views, bounce rate are the main things which we consider while checking out analytical stats. But how do we know about how the readers are accepting the articles and the blog in overall? Yes, the number of comments is definitely a sign of how people are digesting the articles and whether they are interested or not. But another way to look at this is the average time spent on site.

Before proceeding further, here are the steps to exclude yourself from being tracked by Google Analytic, otherwise you will get a very misleading stats if your visits are also tracked by Analytic.

Keep Your Reader's Attention


How To Keep Your Reader’s Attention

Okay, so here are a few ways by which you can keep your readers busy on your blog and increase the time spent –

(1) Awesome Content – There is no substitute to this. If you have some interesting articles, readers will be glued to your blog for hours.

(2) Great Website Design – From my experience I can say that a better looking blog will keep a visitor for a longer time than a cheap looking blog. Apart from the useful information, the design and looks also create a pleasant effect in the mind which keeps the user for a longer time, because he/she enjoys the view on the screen.

(3) Featured/Popular/Related Posts – I don’t think this needs an explanation. If the visitor finds an useful article, he/she will definitely look for more such useful articles.

(4) Featured Images – Displaying some featured images from Flickr or any other source can help in keeping the visitor busy.

(5) Featured Video – Having a featured video on the sidebar is a great way to engage with the visitor. The video can be your own or any other video which provides some useful information related to your niche.

(6) Useful Resources – Providing links to some useful niche related resources and tools will keep the visitor for a longer time. Not only that, this will also help to make them re-visit.

(7) Have a Toolbar – Having an engaging toolbar like the Wibiya toolbar which you can see at the bottom of this blog is a good way to increase the reader’s stay. Check out the toolbar yourself. View your Twitter dashboard and upload your Twitter or Facebook status.

(8) A Cool, Unique and Playable Feature – If you can have some kind of feature on your blog with which the visitor can “play” with, then he/she would love to spend more time on your blog. This can be something related to design or I ran out of ideas.

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Got any ideas to complete the last point? Or any other way to keep the visitor busy? Then say it out loud as comments below. I would love to know about more ways.

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